Villa Pineta, a private 190-bed hospital, was founded in 1932 as a center to treat respiratory diseases, mainly tuberculosis. As public health in Italy improved and the incidence of tuberculosis diminished, Villa Pineta expanded its mission. The renowned hospital now specializes in treatment and rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary diagnoses, metabolic diseases, and obesity. It is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Near Modena, Pavullo is a good center for exploration of northern and central Italy, including Milan, Verona, Venice, and Florence. Several Appenine mountain ski resorts, including Abetone, are in the vicinity, and Rimini, on Emilia Romagna’s eastern coast, is the most famous nearby beach resort. The economy is heavily automotive, and noted firms like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Ducati are headquartered there. The cities of Bologna, Modena and Parma are noted for art, architecture, and agricultural and gastronomic products, including some of Italy’s best pasta, ham, cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.


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Villa Pineta

Villa Pineta centro di riferimento per i trattamenti di riabilitazione respiratoria in Italia e per le università americane.

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